The Problem, The Solution, The Challenge and The Hope

I’ve finished school and while it took 18 grueling years, I have to say it’s not in the least a major accomplishment.

18 years I’ve lived so far (not counting my nineteenth yet) and what have I accomplished?

I’ve recited some Shakespearean mumbo-jumbo on a distant stage, researched and kind of debated some hotly (or maybe not so hotly) debated worldly topics, attended and slept through a few conferences and seminars and then finally graduated school.

It’s been a so-so life and if it weren’t for my OTHER blog (the one I tell no one about) I’d be a very disappointed human being.

So my problem: A big period of free time with almost nothing to do except maybe apply for college, get depressed, scare myself about my future and occasionally come up with very ordinary poetry (on my OTHER blog)

My solution: This

This will be my not so concentrated, not so specialized but in no way any less IMPORTANT blog where I will basically share my excruciatingly ordinary life with the Internet.

I will read books (Not that I don’t ordinarily. I actually do. Excessively) and write about them here.
I will watch movies (Same) and write about them here.
I will pour over THE INTERNET and write about THE INTERNET here

So then,

The Challenge: Post something new EVERYDAY here and chronicle my learned lessons.

The Hope: I will succeed and not descend into a vortex of regret, self-immolation and despair.


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