A post long overdue

WHAT have I been doing?

That is the question. Will Shakespeare buzz off. I’ve already made my decision to be.

Veering back to my incredibly long and maybe completely unnecessary hiatus from this wonderful little blog of mine, let me just say; I regret missing all those valuable opportunities to post on this little blog of mine.

I mean I told myself that I didn’t post anything because I didn’t have anything to write about or blog about and for the most part, that may have been true. I mean I lead a pretty uninteresting life from my chair in front of the computer but still, that is NO excuse. I could have reviewed SO MANY movies, SO MANY anime and SO many BOOKS and even the occasional TV show!

So why didn’t I?

Weeeeeelll, I don’t know. I just couldn’t bring myself to click this little bookmarked link and type a few words in box and send it off to the WP servers to be published. I mean I get weird like that and maybe, possible, most likely I will get like that again. Oh if only my parents had let me inherit their commitment and determination and drive and incredible work ethic instead of a huge nose, weird hair and incredibly long neck 😦

But you play with the card you’re dealt with and unlike in poker, you can’t really stand up and quit (I realize there’s terminology for this but I’ve never played poker in my life).

So I make do.


I watched all the currently released episodes of Sherlock (TV Series) which stars Benedict Cumberbatch and the Hobbit (I forget his name. He who also played a part in delightful Valentine x Christmas movie ‘Love Actually’).

I caught up all the episodes I missed of the worldwide phenomenon GAME OF FUCKING THRONES! (I now realize that the expletive I threw in there is completely appropriate. Carry on) I stopped watching immediately after the Red Wedding (not because of the shock of seeing the Starks dismembered) due to there being now newer episodes. Then when they did actually come out I was swamped with exams so I started watching season 4 and then season 5 recently and let me just say… *deep breath*….DAMN IT OBERON WHY?

I also watched most of the Oscar winning/nominated movies which include Birdman, The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything and Boyhood. And oh Whiplash but I already spoke about it before I think. Yeah, they were all good obviously but then you don’t need to hear that from me.

As for anime lets see….The last anime I reviewed on here was ‘Waiting in the Summer’ and after that I watched….Oregairu (It actually has a WAAAAYYY longer title). NOTE: I only watched the first season of it and am waiting for season 2 finish airing so I can download it all in a flash ( more like three continuous days due to uber slow internet speeds) and then watch it in a flash ( more like two days out of concern for sensitive eyes). I have also given up on watching Naruto and was completely fed up when I heard that a series would start starring Naruto’s son Boruto. Yuck. I also added Mushishi to my list of to watch Anime. OH MY GOD HOW COULD I FORGET BARAKAMON? Barakamon was a *mental note to not ruin future review* anime that I watched after Oregairu that I will review shortly.

Now onto books:

The last books I talked about was…..well I forget. But I think the list included Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy so let’s just go on from there. I read some Sri Lankan books, was bowled over by them. Then I went onto some more library take-outs, were mostly bowled over by them and then most recently (yesterday) borrowed some new books and am in the process of being bowled over by them.

So I’ve been busy.

Oh I’ve also been busy with University Admission procedures.
At this point everything decided and mostly finalized so I’m gonna officially tell you all (MY VIRTUALLY NON-EXISTENT READERS) that I will be attending DREXEL UNIVERSITY in PHILLY in the Fall semester of 2015 and hopefully I will be awesome at it and continue doing it. (Attending Drexel I mean. Not being awesome. There’s no question of me achieving that. Duh)

So there.

I’ve been busy (sitting in front of the computer I realize is a great seat to watch your life drive by).


1. Keep writing no matter how boring your life gets. At the worst, it’s good exercise for your word-writing brain parts. Or fingers. Whatever. JUST DONT STOP WRITING!

2. Learn about poker. I mean poker has so many life lessons embedded in it that it should just be the Game of the World or something so that when an obscure alien species drops by and is amazed by human genius and asks us where we got our smarts from, we can answer them by challenging them to a game of poker and then ever-so-coolly beating them at it. HA! Who needs lasers and tractor beams when you’ve got POKER?

3. It’s Martin Freeman. THe hobbit guy? MARTIN. FREEMAN.

4. Someone needs to burn Quyburn and The Mountain. Like seriously. They ARE UNHOLY. And Sansa just grow up.

5. Speed Up reading ’em books. I have so many books on my TBR list that they are literally cobwebbed together.

That’s it Folks!



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