Blue Neighborhood

We can all remember Troye Sivan’s EP “TRXYE” right? That phenomenally amazing EP consisting of five beautiful tracks?

Well he’s done it again and released a new album.
Released in December 2015 (which would make this discussion several months old) his new album is called “Blue Neighborhood”.


Listening to Blue Neighborhood all the way through, it’s easy to think that the whole album is one, long song. And I mean that in the best way possible. It’s filled with the soft-synth, melancholia filled distinctive dream-pop sound Troye captured so effortlessly in TRXYE.
And it’s not just the sound that stretches all the way throughout the album. The themes and the lyrics all merge effortlessly into one another to form a sort of snapshot of a story, told in a musical format.

This is Troye Sivan’s identity album. The album where he lays bare his soul and speaks about his identity, his sexuality, his childhood, his experiences growing up and of course as new post-teen, his teenage angst and heart aches. From “Wild” where he gushes about the exhilaration of young love, to “Heaven” where he tries to come to grips with his religion and his sexuality and even “Bite” a sensual soundtrack to first experiences, Troye Sivan has no reins. As one review said (I forget which), Troye isn’t afraid of pronouns and frequently uses “him” to describe his love interests. A brave step since despite the wide acceptance of homosexuality throughout the western hemisphere, there’s still not a whole lot of artists who address it.

Troye Sivan’s sound is sophisticated and mature, tailor made to appeal to youngblood generations raised on electronica and synth-pop. His lyrics ensure that the more mature audiences have some common ground too. It’s an amazing album with a catch for everyone. Go listen to it and revel in the genius that young Troye Sivan.


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